Professional Internship Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

Aeropuerto Internacional de Barcelona Terminal 2

Location Barcelona, España
Project date 1990-1992

Working for the Taller de Arquitectura my job was to modulate the facade elements, propose olive tree and palm tree garden arrangements and head the presentation team for the T2 and puente aereo for the Barcelona International Airport.

Instituto Nacional de Educación Física, INEF.

Location Barcelona, España
Project date 1988-1990

As part of the Taller de Arquitectura team, my intervention was in proposing interior facades for the press room and to developer the complex’s restaurant area. The proyect was built as planned for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Residencia para adultos mayores Haggenstrasse

Location La Haya, Holanda
Project date 1989-1990

As project head inside the Taller de Arquitectura I coordinated all issues of the project and drew facade details, presentation drawings and garden proposals for this elderly home in the Hague.

Proyecto Urbano Litoral Beirut

Location Beirut, Líbano.
Project date 1990

Under the direction or Ricardo Bofill, I participated in the master planning for a 6 kilometer stretch of coastal land north of Beirut and was principal in charge of the presentation drawings. The project was presented and approved for development by then president Aoun.

Concurso para Biblioteca Nacional de París

Location París, Francia
Project date 1989

As part of the Taller and under direct supervision by Ricardo Bofill, I headed the team which was make a proposal for the limited international competition for the Biblioteque National de Paris. My responsibilities included, facade development, model execution and presentation drawings for the proposal, which included a large public plaza next to the Sein, and a spectacular reading room among it’s innovations.

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