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Architecture must be, once executed, part of the surface of the EARTH, as if it is born from it. It must respect, for its construction, the incisions enacted upon that which gives it support. It grows and is dependent of it. In this way it surenders itself to the sky and to the light so as to manifest its beauty and gratitude. All projects must center their expression, generated by space and movement, through matter and light, in the HUMAN desire to elevate its spirit.



Obtains Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture, Arts and Art and Art History in 1987 followed by a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1990 from Rice University in Houston Texas.

Iniciates a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, California in 2011-2012.


As an Intern at Ricardo Bofill´s Taller de Arquitectura, he collaborates on large scale projects in Barcelona, Paris and The Hague and in Mexico City works for Grupo Frisa, Gorshtein Arquitectos and Grupo Frondoso on different urban and residential proposals.

As principal of Arquitectura y Desarrollo Sustentable SC, together with Gantous Arquitectos he develops mixed use projects in Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta. With PM JTLU Arqutectos and Buro V Arquitectura, he designs proposals for Mexico City´s Urban Development and Housing Authority, SEDUVI, for the recovery of the Plaza de la Republica, Urban Beaches and the urban renewal of Avenida Michoacan in the Condesa District, as well as developing several commercial and residential projects with this group. Works on residential retreat with Legorreta Arquitectos.

He is Founding Partner and head of Project Development for Cafebreria el Pendulo since 1993, working as lead architect and promoter of the group´s seven branches. This bookstore and restaurant chain is considered worldwide as one of the most innovative in its field.


Founding member and President between 2012 and 2017 of the first Business Improvement District in Latin America, Bienestar Imagen y Desarrollo de Polanco, and head of the urban image area and promotion for the group since its inception in 2007.

Also founds Bienestar Imagen y Desarrollo de Condesa and presides over the BID in its initial years. Both associations bring together socially responsible business and restaurant owners, to propose the preservation and improvement of our common areas through direct investment, upkeep, marketing and supplemental security and disposal services in their particular areas of influence.

Together with local authorities and Pendulo management, promotes and designs literacy campaigns in the City through innovative book exchange programs. Throughout the years he has kept active in the arts as practitioner and promoter, experimenting with painting, etching, drawing, mixed media and lately with book making.

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