Casa Vito

Location Guadalupe Inn, Álvaro Obregón, Ciudad de México

Built area 330m2
Project date 2018

Associate Architects Arq. Francisco Toledo

In this single family house renovation and addition, for a psychologist and musician client, we were commissioned to create a private area for his patients with a separate entrance and a music studio, in addition to two bedrooms and a guest room. We modified the layout of the bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchen and proposed a new acces to the roof, which incorporated electric and heating sun panels and a large area for orchards. This new stair was housed in a central patio which becomes the literal “purple” heart of the interior of the house and give light to the public part of the program. The facade and volumetric composition was altered to create a more solid and hence more secure feeling for the client, who lives alone with his ten year old daughter. Small fenestrations provide intimate light and a quieter ambience on the street side while larger openings bring into the interior the large garden in the back.

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