El Péndulo Condesa

Location Av. Nuevo León, Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de México.
Built area 670m2
Project date 1995

Associate Architects Arq. Alberto Asse

Recognition Landmarked by INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts)

This was the flagship store for the Pendulo chain. It was built in an area of the city which was hard hit by the 1985 earthquakes and made an enormous contribution to the area’s reconstruction and further boom. The group chose a corner site in a non descript late 60’s house, opening the spaces to generate visual interaction between the different levels. New stairs where placed in a rear patio, bringing light to the back of the building. Many elements of the semi-abandoned house where torn out and reused as lamps or other decorative elements. The group’s original concept was born in this project: transparency, level changes, mixed and interactive programming, places to eat, shop, read, work. Different areas had different types of materials and setups for seating, wether it be next to a coffe table on a Thonet chair, on a sofa or on a bench, every space is surrounded by books, videos and records, and is flooded by natural light. Kitchen, bathrooms and administrative services remain invisible, stacked upon each other in a corner. The spaces for circulation are choreographed to make the visitor move through the different spaces. At the center, in a double height space, hangs a pendulum full of sand, laying its patterns on a platform which could be transformed at nights for concerts. There where several modifications at later dates, being the most important one, the addition of an exterior terrace with the recycling of elements from within the building. Undoubtedly the Condesa Pendulo is and will continue to be and iconic destination in the city.

Client: Cafebrería El Péndulo
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