Cafebrería el Péndulo Polanco

Location Alejandro Dumas 81, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México.

Built area 810m2
Project date 1997

Associate Architects Arq. Jaime Ades y Alberto Asse

Recognition Landmarked by INBA (National Institute of Fine Arts)

Publications Considerada por los periódicos, The Guardián, El País, El New York Times y el Huffington Post, entre otros, como una de las 10 librerías más bellas del mundo.

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This re-adaptive, reuse and refurbishment project takes place in a mid century “California style” house in the Polanco district of Mexico City. Two of the most important aspects of our intervention were, first, the complete opening of the spaces of the original house, substituting the bearing walls for a series of structural arches, creating a clear visual path to the back of the site where, secondly, in what used to be a garden, we create a double height bookstore with cenital lighting. The materials chosen for the floors and the diverse lighting fixtures contribute to generate individual spaces within the whole and help guide the eye to the grand space at the back. The combination of curvilinear geometries in the metalwork, arches and arcades against the rectilinear structure of the bookshelves and orthogonal floor patterns create both a sense of ease and dynamism, which never looses the feeling of being in the original house. The project was very helpful in triggering the development, and is a central destination, of one of the most sought after areas in Mexico City, Polanquito. It has been regarded by many international publications as one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world.

Client: Cafebrería El Péndulo
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