Cafebrería El Péndulo Zona Rosa

Location Hamburgo 126, Juárez, Ciudad de México.

Built area 560m2
Project date 2002

In a dark, completely enclosed volume, which previously held a movie house, we created a multilevel space where the different circulation routes provide the visitor with rich spatial experiences. We opted to maintain and reveal the original industrial structure and to completely “upholster” one side of the interior with two levels of bookshelves which serve as the focus point for the restaurant on the opposite side. Materials and custom lighting bring individuality to the different activities within this large space. Carefull curvilinear geometry is yuxtaposed to the linearity of the bookshelves, softening and giving dynamism to the space. The front and restaurant side of the building are penetrated with a grid of windows opening to the busy street and side ramp. Cenital light floods the space with ever changing daylight.


Bukoski’s Cultu Piano Bar

Remodeling and addition project

Built area 240m2
Project date 2010

With the advent of new regulations for smoking areas, el Péndulo commissions us to create smoke friendly exterior spaces. We propose two terraces above the parking ramp on one side of the store and a new route joining them in order to give an additional acces to the upper level of the store. The upper terrace becomes a bar which services the upper interior area, which introduces the lounge concept to the Pendulo group, and the lower terrace expands on the restaurant area and gives a secondary entrance from the garage level to the site. The store reports a 30% increase in sales with the intervention. Following on the path of the original project, we use steel and wood as our primary material, and very light steel and translucent awnings cover the exterior terraces. A long “green” wall is designed, giving the previous dreary vehicle access new life. The interior decoration of the new lounge uses wine and black tones to evoke a traditional pub which incorporates a small stage for local bands.

Client: Cafebrería El Péndulo
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