Playas Urbanas en Deportivos de la Ciudad

Location Various sites around Mexico City
Project date 2009

Associate Architects JTLU Arquitectos

In a very ambitious program, headed by Arturo Aispuro as director of the city’s urban planning commission, we are hired to intervene several semi abandoned public sports facilities and promote their renewal. As part of the city’s social programs, we propose setting up temporary “urban” beaches within those facilities. Our proposal includes programming the beaches and proposing visuals for the changing rooms, shade covers, playgrounds, pools and other water features. We also propose more permanent use for the beaches as sand soccer fields.

As a unifying feature among the different sites, we submit an initiative to have public hot air balloons, which would go up and down anchored to the site and popping up around the city allowing visitors to have great views of the city.

This last feature as well as the water features were implemented in different city projects in Chapultepec and in Plaza de la República.

Client: Secretaría de Desarrollo Urbano y Vivienda del GDF
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