7 Beautiful Bookstores You Need to Know About

By Mahala Wallace / First Class

From fighting dragons to navigating the world of an awkward fashion editor’s assistant, books have the power to transport us to another world. But what about the places that house those books? All over the world there are unique and fascinating bookstores with their own story to tell. Discover the most beautiful bookstores in the world, and pick up a rare or exciting book along the way.

Cafebrería El Péndulo, Mexico City

Cafebreria el Pendulo is by far the coolest bookstore chain in Mexico City. Anyone with a love of books, plants and cafe culture will be in paradise. Cafebreria el Pendulo is found in plenty of locations throughout Mexico City. But for the most beautiful go to the Polanco, Roma, or newly opened San Angel store.

Cafebreria el Pendulo isn’t a standard bookstore and cafe fusion. At the two-level Polanco store (the most popular), the books almost reach the ceiling. There are plants cascading down the shelves and a spiral staircase takes you to the second level. With a table dining, a cafe and bar available, it’s easy to spend a whole day here. And when live music is playing, you may never want to leave.

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